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The smarter sleep system: Modular mattresses and orthopaedic pillows for perfect sleep

SEVEN SUNDAYS sleep technology turns your bed into an oasis of regeneration. It’s active health care. That’s quality of life.

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Fascinated by the
Natural Power of Sleep

Better sleep means better everything: the natural power of sleep holds extensive potential for a better quality of life.

During sleep your body recovers, your mind comes to rest and your soul finds its centre. That’s why we have developed a unique sleeping system that is completely designed to make your sleep comfortable, orthopedically correct and regenerative – for you to have more energy every morning. To be more balanced, present and productive. In other words: if you want to perform your best, you have to sleep well. Anyone who sleeps better can perform better – physically and mentally. SEVEN SUNDAYS will help you do so. Our modular mattresses with their innovative layer system can be individually adapted to your needs and sleeping habits. And with a few simple steps you can change your lying sensation at any time by rearranging the layers. No other mattress gives you such flexibility. Fascinating. So: Make use of the natural power of sleep – with sleep technology from SEVEN SUNDAYS.

Wake up 100% regenerated

To make you sleep more restful, relaxed and effective, we have reinvented the mattress. And supplemented with a pillows that noticeably relieve your sensitive neck – night after night.



Everything you dream of for the perfect mattress:

  • Highest lying comfort due to variable lying sensations
  • Back health promoting sleep in your favourite position
  • Breathable fabrics and materials for ideal sleeping climate
  • Maximum hygiene properties for allergy sufferers and people sweating a lot
  • Highest-quality materials and high volume weight foam
  • Mattress layers are loosely assembled and 100% adhesive-free
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Here is the right pillow for you: Designed to support your neck and promote total muscle relaxation

  • Orthopedic pillow forms for every sleeping position
  • Side sleeper pillow in wedge shape with headrest
  • Back sleeper pillow with special neck wave
  • Down pillow with special 3-chamber system
  • Travel pillow for better sleep while sleeping outside home
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The Swiss Sleep Manufactory

Two generations, more than 40 years of professional experience and the genuine passion for great sleep are deeply embedded in SEVEN SUNDAYS – the Swiss sleep manufacturer.

We stand for uncompromising quality and materials combined with craftsmanship at Swiss precision standards. Discover innovative, durable and handmade premium sleep products: Mattresses lasting for a lifetime and comfortable pillows – developed for effective regeneration to help you recharge your life energy during your sleep.

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