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Are you ready for a new sleeping experience with a SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress? Or do you need a new pillow?

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You shouldn’t buy the mattress for life with just a few clicks. It doesn’t make sense. You have to experience it – at home. And completely stress-free, without having to send the mattress back if you are not satisfied.

That’s why we are breaking new ground in mattress purchasing. You are welcome to order your SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress directly by phone or via form field. But we recommend you to take advantage of our free of charge sleep consultation, where we explain the advantages of our mattresses at your place. This is the best way to convince yourself of the comfort of our mattresses and to find out how they improve your sleep and how you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Take advantage of our premium sleep consultation before buying a mattress

From mattress test to private shopping experience: If you want to get to know our mattresses, we don’t just send them to your home for a trial period. The mattress comes to you with one of our qualified sleep consultants. In the sleep consultation we explain how to optimally adapt the modular SEVEN SUNDAYS mattresses to your lying needs and sleeping habits. You will explore the different lying sensations and find out which configurations make sense for you. We support you on your way to the perfect sleeping experience – an experience that is good for your health and feels really good. Request your consultation now. At zero cost. Without any obligation to buy. It’s that simple:

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Simply fill out the following form and one of our sleep consultants will get touch with you by phone. He will happily explain the advantages of SEVEN SUNDAYS mattresses to you and will visit you at home if you like.

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at Your Place

Our sleep consultant will come to you at the agreed time. Of course he will bring the mattress you are interested in. In familiar surroundings and just focused on you, you will experience the difference the right mattress can make.

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Mattresses Buying

We offer you an excellent shopping experience – from payment and delivery to the disposal of your old mattress. And you get a premium 10-year warranty on your new SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress.

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Get in touch with us now. For your personal sleep consultation. No strings attached.


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The Sleep Consultation:
Test the SEVEN SUNDAYS Mattress

On average, a person spends about 200,000 hours of his life on a mattress.

So it is worth buying a mattress that gives you and your body what you need to relax on it, sleep healthily and gather full energy for the next day. Our sleep expert will tell you how to do this. The sleep consultation gives you, among other things, insight into:

  • The difference our modular mattress technology makes,
  • how the different lying sensations feel like,
  • which configurations suit your body and your sleeping habits,
  • how the mattress helps you with back problems and other complaints,
  • which decisive advantages the mattress has for allergy sufferers,
  • what you can do for maximum sleeping comfort if you are overweight,
  • how you make the mattress harder or softer by using the layer arrangement,
  • how easily and quickly you can change the arrangement of the layers,
  • how high-quality both the material and processing of the mattresses are,
  • why mattresses from SEVEN SUNDAYS are truly mattresses for life

Not only do you get valuable information and answers to your questions, you can also feel how comfortable and cozy your dream mattress is. You can test the mattress properly – without hustle and disturbing looks of strangers in a mattress store. As mentioned: no obligations attached. You don’t have to decide at the spot if you want to treat yourself with a SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress.

A sleep consultation takes between 60 and 90 minutes – just about the right time for an exciting introduction to the world of regenerative and relaxing sleep with the smart sleeping system from SEVEN SUNDAYS.

The Mattress Buying:
Relaxed and Hassle-Free

The most important thing when buying a mattress is to choose the right product.

The sleep consultation will make this decision easy for you, as you will certainly be impressed by the various lying sensations and the quality of our mattresses. To make it even easier for you, our service gives everything to make the purchase of your SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress completely hassle-free.

10 Years Warranty

The material and workmanship of our mattresses are of such high quality that we give a 10 year premium guarantee. During this time we replace defective parts according to our warranty agreement. Up to now no customer had to claim it. After the 10 years you can simply re-order individual parts to continue to sleep perfectly on your mattress for life.

Payment & Financing

You can buy your SEVEN SUNDAYS mattress on account or pay by direct debit, credit card or Girocard. If your credit rating is good enough, you can also buy your new mattress in instalments. Our service provider DFP Service GmbH offers you favourable rates for mattress financing.

Delivery & Assembly

Your handmade mattress is usually delivered two to four weeks after the date of purchase. If you take advantage of our popular white glove delivery, our service partner carries your mattress into your bed, assembles it and sets up your starting configuration together with you – according to your desired lying comfort.

Disposal & Recycling

On request, we will dispose of all packaging material and your old mattress upon delivery of your mattress. Furthermore, we always offer you a free recycling return. This applies to mattress parts as well as to pillows – if you want to recycle something, just send it back free of charge and we will recycle it.